Prishani Satyapal

Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer, Sustainability Truthing

Prishani’s key strengths are her ability to develop an understanding of complex issues at a broad systemic level, identifying the change levers at an operational level and developing strategies to drive enduring impacts. Prishani is motivated by inspiring the kind of leadership required for a thriving planet. She has authored papers that industry has utilized to improve business resilience.
Prishani is a seasoned corporate leader who has worked as a board member, executive, auditor and implementer across the Extractives, Global Development, Public Sector, Investor, FMCG, and Assurance Industries. She uses her experience to support leaders and organizations to respond to future leadership challenges today.
She has excelled at and is recognized for developing eco-systemic models for change in rural districts in Africa, and now focuses her time on creating the funding structures to enable these models for change at scale.
Prishani founded Sustainability Truthing in 2013. She leads a multidisciplinary team who are passionate about developing and implementing viable models to address poverty, and climate change, through reflective dialogue, collaborative implementation, and enabling stories of impact – through innovative finance. Prishani has developed a niche in the development and creation of impact investment opportunities that aspire to globally accepted standards, in this rapidly evolving field.
She worked for eight years at PricewaterhouseCoopers, where she supported the development of the firm’s Sustainable Business Solutions practice in South Africa. Prishani supported the development of the team from a small unit of three people, focusing on corporate governance consulting, to a team of 25 professionals with blue-chip client engagements in non-financial assurance and strategy development. This work included development of responsible mining assurance Standards, conceptualization of fair trade jewellery processes and marketing of ethically sourced community designed jewellery.
Since PwC she has implemented her Master’s thesis at AngloGold Ashanti; where she oversaw a global climate change study of twenty three operations and developed mitigation and adaptation strategies for each of those operations and the communities around those respective mines.
Prishani was the first female Vice President in AngloGold Ashanti South Africa and the first to be appointed in a Country level.
Executive role (Ghana). She developed and secured the employment of a female led team of trained scientists as her successors, following three years in country. Prishani was responsible for the development of multi-stakeholder engagement processes, the design and development of models to respond to endemic challenges in the mining industry and at an operational level, and the creation of industry level solutions to change and engagement. She was at the company for eight years.
Working with Leaders
She has worked in over 29 countries and engaged in projects with senior leaders like the former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, Former World Bank Inspection Panel Chairperson, Professor Edward S Ayensu, leaders in the Vatican, the UNDP, the World Bank and many CEO’s, Boards and Executives from various companies.
Convening and Speaking
Prishani is a season chair and convener and has among other chaired and facilitated Youth Peace Building meetings for the Gandhi Memorial Committee in Pietermaritzburg among school children and peace leaders from around the world, for a number of years. She has been invited to speak at a wide range of events including events for Harvard’s MBA class, the Indonesian Government and meetings with artisanal mining communities in Ghana, the Mining Indaba in Cape Town, Climate Change meetings with the Australian Government, UN meetings in Mongolia and South Korea.